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Origin Japan (pre-T6), None (His human form abandoned his nationality)
Voiced By Toshiyuki Morikawa
Fighting Style Advanced Mishima style Fighting Karate (三島流喧嘩空手改)
Age ∞ (Infinite)
Blood Type Can change at will
Height Can change at will
Weight Can change at will
Occupation The Devil Gene/evil half within KazuyaHead of G Corporation (T6)To Destroy the world and kill Jin (Namco X Capcom)
Hobby Seeking out ultimate power from his other half
Likes Heihachi's hateful looks, evil, destruction, his human form, Evil Ryu (Namco X Capcom), and power from Devil Jin
Dislikes Heihachi Mishima, Devil Jin, Lee Chaolan, the Tekken Force (T4), True Ogre (TTT), Jin Kazama, Azazel, Angel, Ryu (NXC), and Ken Masters (NXC),


[hide]*1 Introduction



598499-devil superDevil (also called Devil Kazuya in Tekken 5) was first introduced in Tekken and returns to Tekken 2 as well as Tekken Tag Tournament. Devil represents Kazuya Mishima after the Devil Gene takes over him.

Interestingly enough, Kazuya's soul wasn't consumed completely by Devil (due to a struggle against Angel). The only time Devil left Kazuya was when he tried to inhabit inside the womb of Jun Kazama and posses her unborn child, Jin Kazama, but in an epic battle, Jun defeated Devil and saved her son. Since Tekken 4, it looks like Kazuya and Devil act as one entity.

However, as demonstrated in Kazuya's Tekken 4 ending, he was able to gain control over Devil, which may demonstrate that Devil could simply be Kazuya's alternative form - yet the same person (Devil once controlled Kazuya, which was demonstrated when Kazuya's eyes were glowing red, but seeing that Kazuya could fight Devil's control and revert to his usual self, it could be factual that now Kazuya controls Devil). Of course, whether this is true or not remains to be unseen, but fans alike have theorized that Kazuya and Devil are now one entity under the control of Kazuya (in Tekken 5, Kazuya, at will, changes into his devil form to escape Hon-Maru).

To avoid confusion with Devil Jin, the "devil" that inhabits Kazuya is simply referred to as "Devil". No other character carrying the Devil Gene have referred themselves to simply "Devil" except Kazuya. However, Devil is referred to as Devil Kazuya in Kazuya's Tekken 5 Prologue.

Devil served as the final boss in Tekken 2.


  • General
  • Devil is a 3rd costume for Kazuya Mishima making him enable to shoot lasers or fly.
  • He is unlocked by winning eight levels in Galaga mini game without losing a life.
  • Devil's sub-bosses are Heihachi Mishima (Stage 8), Jun Kazama (Stage 9), and Angel as the final boss.
  • To unlock Devil and Angel, you must complete Arcade Mode with Kazuya.
  • If you selected Devil and Kazuya Mishima as tag partners, one would transform into the other when tagging, instead of the usual tag animation. This transformation was also accompanied with a small stun if it connected with the other player, giving you enough time to transform without suffering a counter attack. This also works for Unknown, Tetsujin and Mokujin if they are imitating Kazuya and have Devil as their partner, when tagging.
  • All Jack robots (Prototype Jack, Jack-2, and Gun Jack) will go haywire if Devil's or Angel's laser strikes them.
  • True Ogre is his rival. However, since Tekken Tag Tournament is a non-canon game their rivialry is also non-canon.
  • Devil is the sub-boss for Jin Kazama, True Ogre, and Jun Kazama


Tekken 1Edit

Gallery - Outfit [2][3]Devil in Tekken 1.[4][5]Tekken 1 Devil.Heihachi Mishima had threw Kazuya off a ravine when he was 5 years old. Kazuya's goal was to destroy Heihachi and bring justice to the Mishima Zaibatsu. He meets with "DEVIL". Devil makes a deal with Kazuya. Once he helps Kazuya achieve his goal, Kazuya must help him by letting Devil control his soul bringing evil and misery.

Tekken 2Edit

Gallery - Outfit [6][7]‎Devil in Tekken 2.[8][9]Devil, in his Tekken 2 ending.[10]Tekken 2 Devil. When Kazuya finally kills Heihachi in Tekken. Devil wants consume kazuya mind to rule the world, however Angel comes in Devil's way, so Devil battles with Angel over Kazuya Mishima's soul. Jun Kazama had used Angel to prevent Devil from eating away Kazuya's soul. The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 is announced!

Ending Animation "Destruction"Edit

The camera pans in on Devil from the right, showing only Devil's upper body at first. The camera pans out to show Devil's whole body shortly afterward. Devil begins walking towards the screen. The camera zooms in on Devil's face as it fires a powerful beam from its forehead. The beam goes through the roof of the building that Devil is in. It causes a small explosion and a small fire. Through the smoke of the fire, Devil is shown standing on the roof of the building and flapping its wings. Soon, the smoky view disappears, and Devil is shown clearly, still flapping its wings as a dark shadow appears every time they close. Finally, Devil flies up towards the moon, which is full.

Pre-fight and Win AnimationsEdit

Pre-fight AnimationEdit

Devil slowly rises from a crouching position until it is fully standing.

Note: This pre-fight animation will only show before fighting Devil in "Arcade" mode. It will not show up if it is a regular fight against Devil.

Devil moves its arms around, first upwards, then forwards, and then downwards slightly, until it is in its fighting stance.

Note: Because none of the characters in Tekken 2 have normal pre-fight animations, this pre-fight animation is not in Tekken 2. It is only in Tekken Tag Tournament.

Win AnimationsEdit

Random: Devil brings its left hand downwards in a "hammer punch" style, and then it spreads its left arm to the left side.

Note: Devil only has this win animation in Tekken 1, due to being nothing more than a palette swap for Kazuya.

1 or 3: Devil is crouching, with its arms covering its face while energy surrounds Devil. A few moments later, Devil flies up into the air slightly and starts firing a beam from its forehead up towards the sky, with its arms at its sides. 2 or 4: Devil crosses its arms, and it turns its head towards the left.

Tekken: The Motion PictureEdit

Gallery - Outfit [11][12]Devil in The Motion PictureThe devil possesses Kazuya Mishima's soul after Heihachi Mishima throws him off of a cliff... with the Devil's power, Kazuya can live again and seek revenge on his father.

Tekken Tag TournamentEdit

Gallery - Outfit [13][14]Devil in Tekken Tag Tournament.[15][16]Tekken Tag Tournament Devil.Tekken Tag Tournament is not a part of the Tekken series' canonical storyline, but Devil makes an appearance as a playable character in this game.

Ending AnimationEdit

Devil walks up to Jun Kazama, who is unconscious and laying on the ground. Devil crouches, picks her up with both arms, and flies away. This ending takes place in Unknown's stage.

Namco X CapcomEdit

Gallery - Outfit [17]Devil in Namco X Capcom.In this game, Devil plays role as one of the main antagonists who is sought out by Jin and ends up fighting against heroes such as Ryu and Ken from the Street Fighter series. He also attempts to obtain the Soul Edge sword (from the Soul Calibur series) as he tries to kill Jin and destroy the world. Jin, Heihachi, and Ryu manage to spoil his plans by defeating him.

Tekken 3/Tekken 4Edit

At the conclusion of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, Devil/Kazuya was ultimately killed and defeated by Heihachi Mishima claiming himself as the winner because his goal to achieve was to reclaim control of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Kazuya was thrown into a volcano burning to a crisp. Two Devils were there. One stayed with Kazuya and the other went to possess Jin Kazama with evil. When G Corporation found Kazuya with the Devil, they used him as research. 2 years after the events of Tekken 3, Heihachi failed to capture Ogre.

But his researchers succeeded into finding samples of Ogre's blood and tissue. Heihachi then used him for experimentation, the experiment failed however. Instead Heihachi searched for Jin who transformed into a Devil. During his research, he discovered a 20 year old photograph which show a purple-skinned fighter burnt to a crisp. Heihachi learned that the picture was Kazuya when Heihachi killed him and threw him into a volcano 20 years ago. He also learned that he joined a bio-tech research team by the name G Corporation.

His remains were kept there. Heihachi sent his squad of Tekken Force soldiers to attack G Corporation and to also steal his research data (the Devil remains). Kazuya learns that he was a target in the attack. Heihachi was shocked when he learns that his plans were foiled by the retaliation of Kazuya Mishima. He announces The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. Heihachi ordered his Tekken Force to kidnap Jin Kazama and to place him in Hon Maru. Kazuya and Heihachi enter the Hon Maru dojo. Kazuya wants Jin dead because he wants to absorb his Devil Gene but he and Heihachi defeated. But before he could kill Heihachi. Jin spares his life because Jun Kazama convinces Jin.

Tekken 5Edit

Heihachi ordered his Tekken Force to kidnap Jin Kazama and to place him in Hon Maru. Kazuya and Heihachi enter the Hon Maru dojo. Kazuya wants Jin dead because he wants to absorb his Devil Gene but he and Heihachi defeated. But before he could kill Heihachi. Jin spares his life because Jun Kazama convinces Jin. Heihachi and Kazuya are awake and a swarm of Jack-4s are after them both. They fight as father and son for a while and then Kazuya escapes in his devil form. Heihachi, assumed to be dead was blown away by an explosion caused by the Jack-4s. The explosion also freed Jinpachi Mishima who had the Devil Gene and who was the original owner and founder of the Mishima Zaibatsu. He announced the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Kazuya enters the tournament to make G Corporation pay because they betrayed him by sending Jack-4s to attack him. According to Devil Jin, when Jinpachi was set free. Jin loses contact with the Devil Gene and the evil builds up within him (see Devil Jin). Two months later, evil consumes Jin's mind awakening a deadly force.

Tekken 6Edit

Jin defeats Jinpachi Mishima and becomes the Mishima Zaibatsu leader. He used the Tekken Force as a spy project. Kazuya is the head of G Corporation. Kazuya is viewed as a hero but his true intentions are to destroy/kill Jin and steal his entire Devil Gene. You can customize Devil Jin to look like devil.

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

Gallery - Outfit [18][19]Kazuya with wing's, this is thought by many people to be Devil Kazuya.Devil Kazuya makes a brief cameo in the Street Fighter X Tekken Debut trailer. It is unknown if he will be playable in the game.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2Edit

Gallery - Outfit [20][21]Kazuya in Devil form.Devil will appear in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a non canonical Tekken game. Currently, his appearance is limited to having his abilities (flying and firing lasers) available for Kazuya Mishima to use.

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